I was searching for my life's mission...

Until I realized, I was doing it all along while living my life...

I am continuously seeking one thing: FREEDOM

and this in all it's forms: professionally, socially, personally, from the system, as a woman, as a way of living...

Some people would call me a rebel. I would call it: a natural. It's in my nature as I believe we shouldn't even fight for it. THE more I took it for granted, the more I realized it isn't "given". We have to provide it to ourselves.

And the more I advanced, the more I realized... we have to truly fight for it.

Le voyage d'Aurélie is taking you on this "journey" to fight for freedom throughout all aspects of my life.

I am not here to be loved, I am here to question, challenge, affirm, to laugh, and to enjoy life.

If I am seeking continuous freedom, it's because I believe joy over duty and that life is not a sentence but... a gift.


There is only one rule in my life: freedom. And freedom expresses itself throughout so many aspects...

Are you free at your work? Are you free in your marriage? Are you free as a mom? Are you free as a single woman?

Are you free as a freelancer? Are you free as a hetero? Are you free from yourself?

Maybe by asking the right questions, I am questioning you to do so too.

Because then only, you can open the locker. Because if you didn't see the locker in the first place...

Magic is taking its own destiny in hand instead of letting others decide for you.

Enjoy the ride.


Le voyage d'Aurélie

Mes croyances ne sont pas moi. Elles peuvent se transformer.

- Âme de sorcière - Odile Chabrillac -

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