The Naissance of ARTEGIANI

One night, I had a dream: "Listen to what the people of Malawi have to say". 
ARTEGIANI arose from the philosophy of the gift-giving economy of the tribal culture of Malawi. 

"Gifts pass from hand to hand: they endure through such transmission, as every gift is given it is enlivened and regenerated through the new spiritual life it engenders both in the giver and in the receiver.“
The Gift - How the Creative Spirits Transform the World - Author, Lewis Hyde

ARTEGIANI is an intention, a philosophy of life, which Aurélie has developed through her life path

and today wishes to share with those who want to connect to this frequency.

It begins by daring to question the existing and change our perceptions to create a better world

with the desire to gradually become aware of your power and learn to connect with nature.

ARTEGIANI offers the possibility of working on oneself, demonstrating openness and wisdom,

and using what one knows wisely, with discretion and humility.

ARTEGIANI wants to offer the possibility of transformation; it is magic thanks to love's energy.

It is the art of leading a creative life, imbued with power, singing, encounters, and bursts of laughter.

In conclusion, ARTEGIANI is an intention to change things towards more respect, unity, and love.

It is a kind of sacred dance to which you are invited to express who you are.


About the Ambassador of ARTEGIANI

Aurélie Peters is a Belgian entrepreneur with a lasting passion for Art, Craftsmanship, Ecology, and Spirituality.

She moved in 2019 to the Lake of Como to discover herself and provide space for transformation to happen.


By creating ARTEGIANI, her life mission became clearer which is to change things towards more respect, unity, and love.

By doing so, she hopes to make her part in transforming the world.

Aurélie was fortunate enough to meet some great people to co-create and grow a few Art & Design companies with.

Companies I am proud to present:

ARTEGIANI (www.artegiani.org),

AdGrafics Design Studio (www.adgrafics.eu